Deserts and Beyond

Deserts and beyond...places in and around the southern California deserts and beyond. Photo taken at Canyon Lake, in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, December 2011. A few minutes later, after the sun disappeared, these cliffs were their normal color. They were only golden for a short time and I'm glad we were able to view them in their glory.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of spring in my yard

It was so dull and dreary here yesterday, I just stayed in all day! At one point, however, I grabbed my camera and went outside to look for signs of spring in my yard. My fruitless peach tree is starting to bloom and my snail vine is coming back after a harsh winter! We had some severe frosts here in January and February (remember the farmers burning the bales of hay near their fields?), and my other snail vine is barely coming back after getting hit by the frost, but this one is closer to the house and protected, so it's doing pretty well. We have rain forecast today (oh, joy!), but by next weekend, sunny skies will return.

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Chasing Sunsets said...

Yes, dreary and rainy today, too.
Sometimes it's nice to not feel guilty for doing nothing! When the sunshines, I can't sit still :)
Pretty colors. I am seeing some spring, too. With this rain and sunshine to come we will have some pretty flowers here.