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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joshua Trees~Photo Challenge~Trees, 032311

Okay, I admit it. I'm fascinated by joshua trees. These gorgeous ones are up in the Joshua Tree National Park, which is about an hour away from our home. I'd like to get up there next weekend and take some photos of the wildflowers, but I'm not sure if I'll have time. I took these photos last January (YES...January!). One evening, when hubby and I were driving through the Mojave Reserve, we stopped to take a photo of the sunset and I walked out among the joshua trees there. I heard the soft, "hoot, hoot" of an owl in one of the trees. Cactus wrens also frequent these trees. But it is a moth which pollinates them and makes sure they propogate and they, in turn, feed the moth's larvae. Like the saguaro, they frequently remind me of people standing. Pullingmymaskoff photo challenge, "trees" for March 23, 2011. If you want to see joshua trees, head over to the national park, in Joshua Tree. To view other participants in the challenge, please go to: http://pullingmymaskoff.blogspot.com/


Ray said...

Cool tree photos! Love the second one!
Thanks for linking up!

Carolyn Ford said...

These trees are all so unique with their own personalities...like the saguaros! Beautiful!

julie said...

Such unique trees...we have NOTHING like that where I live! :)