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Eastern Sierra
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Grand Canyon

Yesterday was another full day of travel. Fortunately, I woke up early and got hubby going! We left Prescott, drove up to Williams, and then out to the Grand Canyon. Then, out through Cameron, down through Sunset Crater, Flagstaff, back to Williams for dinner, and then Prescott. Phew! What a day! Unfortunately, we arrived at the canyon at noon and even with a polarizing filter, it's difficult to take decent photos in that light. This one, however, came out pretty good. I'll be posting more this week. If you double click on it to enlarge it, you can see the Colorado River. Somebody asked how many hours it is from Palm Desert, CA to the Grand Canyon. Let's see...it's 4 hours to Phoenix, another Prescott is an hour, from Prescott to the Grand Canyon would be another 2 hours, so that's 7 hours. We drove to Prescott and stayed there overnight and the drive from Prescott to Williams, AZ is about an hour and from Williams to the canyon is another hour. KT...yes, we LOVE Canyon de Chelly! Unfortunately, we just didn't have time this trip to go there. Maybe I'll post some of our photos of that canyon this week, too. Yes, it is sacred to the Navajo. Our last visit there, we met a Navajo man very early in the morning (I DRAGGED hubby out of bed at 4:00 a.m. ) We stayed overnight 2 nights in Chinle and met a very nice man who explained the canyon and what it meant to him. But, you know, I have certain places right here in the desert which I find to be very spirtual, including Joshua Tree National Park and Santa Rosa mountain. Thanks for asking questions. I'm glad to answer them!


Perez Studios said...

Very nice photo of the Grand Canyon. How many hours was it from Palm Desert?

KT said...

Oh gosh, I am jealous! We were in that area a while back. It is beautiful.

Have you ever gone further west to Canyon de Chelly? It is beautiful as well. It is a sacred ground for the Indian Reservation it sits on, so there are very limited hikes.

When we were on the road near Sunset Crater, I will never forget the size of the snake are car rolled over...we still talk about it on occasion!

Carolyn Ford said...

It is a nice one...sounds like my trip a year ago and again in October of 2010! beautiful!