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Eastern Sierra
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Urgent Care yesterday

Well, hubby had to drive me to urgent care yesterday afternoon. Once again, I have acute bronchitis. DUH! I've been coughing for a whole week and I figured if I didn't get on antibiotics, I would have no voice for parent conferences next week. I sounded like a frog anyway already. Fortunately, the office wasn't full of sick people and they asked me to put on a mask. I was given augmentin, which is different from my previous antibiotic, since doctors won't give you the same one twice in a row for bronchitis. Unfortunately, augmentin has an added ingredient to make it faster for the body to utilize it, and that added ingredient made me sick and I threw up. Apparently that is one of the side effects for 1/100 patients. Of course, I'm that 1/100! ...sigh...So, I have to call back to urgent care and get another antibiotic today. I have errands to run all day, including taking my dog Ripley to get her shots and a bunch of other short trips. Ahhhh....the holidays!


rohrerbot said...

Get better! The same thing happened to me last week....the children are spreading diseases by handing in their homework. Normally this is a painful process for them.....however last weekend at this time, it was painful for me. Hopefully you'll be back in no time for those wonderful parent conferences....if not, I recommend a sick day:)

Jan said...

Oh,gore. Feel better, fast. I have lots of drug allergies, and can really sympathize.

Rambling Woods said...

So sorry to hear this...having been hospitalized in ICU with pneumonia I know how bad it can be and I too have sounded like a frog at parent conferences... Augmentin /amoxicillin can upset your stomach. I hope they can find something else...I really hope you feel better... Michelle