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Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palm oasis fire last night

Hubby and I were driving home last night from our daughter's home in Indio and off to the north, we both spotted what we believed was a fire. ACK! Actually, we spotted three of them. Now, from where we were on the freeway and where the fires appeared to be, we figured it must have been one of the palm oases up by Thousand Palms Canyon. Sure enough, this morning, the local paper and news both reported a fire up there. Here's a link to the story: http://www.mydesert.com/article/20101127/NEWS0806/11270306/Oasis+fire+s+smoke+seen+valleywide After my walk this morning, I may drive up there. I hope it is not the oasis near one of the turnouts, but I fear it might have been. That was a huge palm oasis and many people would park their cars and hike up to it. There are many palm oases up near Thousand Palms Canyon Road because that is where the San Andreas fault runs through our valley. I may take hubby with me, once we wakes up! HA! Photo taken where I take my morning walk. This area has man-made (planted) palms, which are not there naturally.


~Cheryl said...

How sad to think of those palm trees going up in flames. We've visited your area twice over the years and enjoyed every beautiful moment.

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh no! I haven't seen all of them yet and I sure don't want to lose the ones I have seen...SO darn sad!