Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow at Joshua Tree National Park

The hubs and I drove over to Joshua Tree National Park on January 7th.  I still had a week of vacation left and he was off work that day.  I spotted the snow up there as I was on my way to buy gasoline that morning, so I called home and told him to get ready to go!  So, up we went.  We were delighted to find a fresh covering of snow all over the park, including the lower elevations.  Keys View was...windy and cold and I refused to get out of the car!  The wind was blowing so hard that my husband said it nearly knocked him over!  The snow lasted a few days, but was gone by the following weekend.  And, next week, down here in the desert, we have a forecast of 5 days of temps in the mid-70's!!!  Go figure...


Pat said...

Beautiful shots! I think Joshua trees have the most interesting shapes!

Gaelyn said...

Nice. I'd like to see JT with some snow, but wouldn't stay long.