Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wooden fence~Friday's Fences~113012

I was driving around Garner Valley, which is up in our local mountains, at about 4,500 feet in elevation, when I spotted these trees last weekend.  And, then I checked out the fence!  I put the two together and this is the result.  It is raining up there tonight and I'm not sure the leaves will last another week...sigh...Friday's Fences for November 30, 2012.   To view other fences, please go to:   http://lifeaccordingtojanandjer.blogspot.com/

Mountain gate and trees

I was driving around Garner Valley, which is at about 4,500 feet elevation in our local San Jacinto mountains and I spotted this beautiful rock fence, gate, and fall trees.  Isn't it pretty?  We have a storm on the way and clouds are forecast for the next 5 days, so I can't wait to return up there this weekend and see the views!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clay products

I wash my hands SO MANY TIMES every day (being a teacher) that the skin around my thumbs has cracked and it even bleeds.  I file down the rough spots sometimes, so I was THRILLED to find a website on a fellow blogger's blog that has a couple of products I could SURE USE!!!! .Here's the link to her post:


And, here's a link to her blog:  http://www.everydayruralty.com

I went to the website and decided that, no matter what, I'm going to order a bar of their soap and a jar of the body cream.  I'm hoping that it will soothe my cracked skin!   :-(

Here's a link to the Living Clay website:


Fountain~Watery WednesdayII~112912

As my daughter and I were walking up and down El Paseo in Palm Desert on Thanksgiving Day, we spotted this fountain.  There are a few fountains here in the desert and I always enjoy them.  My son-in-law was in a 5k race that morning, and we were out giving him "moral support"!!!!  Watery WednesdayII for November 29, 2012. To visit WWII, please go to:   http://bluffareadaily.blogspot.com/2012/11/watery-wednesday-ii-1.html

Monday, November 26, 2012

Idyllwild gate~Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors~112612

This beautiful gate is up near Idyllwild, CA.  It's actually in Fern Valley, which is right next door to the cabin that we like to rent whenever it is available.  I love to take a morning walk (or drive) through this neighborhood.  Isn't it delightful?  WWDD for November 26, 2012.   To visit WWDD, please go to this link:   http://iwishiwereaphotographer.blogspot.com/2012/11/whimsical-windows-delirious-doors-52.html

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coffee Bean~Shadow Shot Sunday~112512

I was out and around town early on Thanksgiving morning because our son-in-law was in a 5k run up and down El Paseo.  So, my daughter and I walked around (she's pregnant and wanted company).  We met at the Coffee Bean and ended up there, too, after the race.  It was a beautiful desert morning, as you can see!  Shadow Shot Sunday for November 25, 2012.   To visit SSS, please go to:   http://shadowshotsunday2.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tree limb fence~Friday's Fences~112312

I love this "fence".  I'm not really sure it is a fence, just some tree limbs gathered and stacked above a rock pile.  It is next to a cabin which was built in 1925 in Idyllwild, which is high up in our local San Jacinto mountains.  The cabin is next to the lodge and cabins where hubby and I spent 3 nights this week.  I have a 9  day break from school (whoo, whoo!), but it is almost over...then back to work for 4 weeks and then Christmas break!~Friday's Fences for November 23, 2012.  To visit Friday's Fences, please go to:    http://lifeaccordingtojanandjer.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 22, 2012

5k run on El Paseo today

No, I didn't participate, but my son-in-law did.  HA!  I sat and watched.  Actually, my daughter and I walked up and down the street with her little dog.  We took our time, took photos, talked to people, and then headed over to Coffee Bean to sit and relax and wait for the end of the race.  This was a fund raiser for Martha's Kitchen.  For every dollar donated, they can feed 7 people and believe me, there were a LOT of runners today!  There were even walkers, toddlers, people with dogs, moms and dads with strollers, and grandparents bringing up the rear!  I think I'll do this next year and be one of the grandmas at the rear!  It was a beautiful morning for the fundraiser.  Here are some pics.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the Normans

As I stated in my previous post, I am researching some of my dad's female lines.  he never did that during his lifetime and he is gone now.  That is too bad.  He could never trace his direct male line past 1632, when his first known male ancestor came to America from England and it frustrated him.  He actually went to Connecticut several times to do research and he did an excellent job, but he neglected the females.  I have taken up that task and they are MUCH more interesting than his Connecticut farmers!  Every single one of them, except for a couple over 300 years, I have bee able yo yet ace back to England and follow their families.   ALL were of Norman ancestry, except one line Wheeler which was Saxon.  He believed one of his ancestors came with William the Conqueror and while I have not been able to trace his male line back that far, the FEMALE lines were indeed either Norman lords or, in at least two lines, directly descended from William.  Indeed, many of the  Norman families became major players in English history.  He just did not have the resources that we do today.  I have now done so much work on my lines that I also began to investigate my husband's family tree.  He knew absolutely nothing about his dad and his heritage, but I have now discovered that he has several ancestors I the Scottish Bruce family, as well as the Stewart clan.  he never knew this!  And, several of his lines have crossed my ancesorial lines!  Sorry about the typing...I am using my iPad and getting used to the keyboard! More later...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vikings and Normans

Inger, of Desert Canyon Living, had a post from last April about the Vikings.  They not only sailed through western Europe and Normandy, but also Russia and eastward.  I'm reading a book about the Normans, since most of my ancestors were Norman, but here's a link to her interesting post:


I read yesterday that the city of Dublin was established by the Normans in Ireland.  Interesting, eh? This was a Viking ship unearthed in Dublin.  I can't wait to read more about the Vikings and Normans!

Beautiful day at the ranch

It was a beautiful day at the ranch where I board my horses.  The ranch is up in our local mountains and it takes me about 35 minutes to drive up to it.  This is one of the Peruvian Pasos out in the arena, not one of my horses.  But, he seems to be enjoying the view!  The clouds were moving in and it rained up there Friday night, so everything smelled fresh and clean.  Ahhhhh!!!!  What a way to start my 9 days' vacation!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello up there!

There are only a few spots to stop and pull over to take photos up on Highway 74, the "Palms to Pines" highway, so I always try to stop at one of them each trip and look at the view.  This dead pinyon was staring down at me, so I took a photo of it.  I didn't even drive up to see my horses last weekend (a 3 day weekend) because I was just too tired from my STUPID BRONCHITIS!  I had a relapse and slept for 12 hours Saturday night!  And, Sunday, I was just too wiped out to do ANYTHING, so I have to post photos from two weeks ago for the entire week!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall leaves around the ranch

It took a while for the fall leaves to appear on the trees around the ranch, but they did.  At least until this weekend, when the winds came!  I don't know how many are left, but I'll find out today.  This is the ranch where I board my horses, up in our local mountains.  They didn't get snow at the ranch, but temps are down in the 30's.  I'm heading up there today to buy more pellets for the horses, and I'll take more photos.  Hopefully there are still some colorful leaves on the trees.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sunrise this morning~SkyWatch Friday~110912

Our first winter storm is moving in today and snow levels may drop down to 4,000 feet.  That means my horses may be in snow tomorrow morning!  I walked outside this morning to take a few photos because there were clouds in the sky.  Looking up toward our local mountains, I saw this cloud bank getting hit by the morning light.  SkyWatch Friday for November 9, 2012.   To stop by SkyWatch Friday, please go to:   http://skyley.blogspot.com/

Been AWOL, but I'm back

I've been AWOL this week.  With everything going on at school and the election, I just lost track of the time!  Phew!  Thank goodness I have a 3 day weekend this weekend!  Time to get caught up with this blog and my blogging friends!  Thank you for staying around!  Photo of leaves up at the horse ranch where I board my horses and that's Cali in the background last weekend. Cali is one of my mustangs and she's very gentle.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tree and sunrise~SkyWatch Friday~110212

This was the view on my way to work yesterday morning....ahhhhhhh!!!!!  I'll be taking my camera again today because Sunday, with the time change, I won't be out this early again!  SkyWatch Friday for November 2, 2012.  To visit SWF, please go to:   http://skyley.blogspot.com/