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Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A tale of ducks and a white goose...Part I

Yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed out as soon as hubby left for work.  I didn't really have any agenda, so I ended up driving down to our local civic center and park.  Two gentlemen were already there feeding the ducks.  Then I heard it..."HOOOOOOONNNNNNNKKKKKKKKK!"  Yes, it was a goose!  At first I thought it might be one of the Canadian geese, but they were actually behaving themselves (for once)!  No, this was a white goose.  Intrigued, I wandered over for a closer look.  A gentleman was feeding the ducks and the goose Cheerios.  I stood and watched and took photos.  The goose wasn't aggressive at all (fortunately).  We had 3 geese here at our house (in the city) when our children were young.  I "borrowed" them from my cousin's wife's family, who had a 40 acre alfalfa ranch down in Thermal.  They ended up chasing me all over the yard, so back to the ranch they went!  You can see how many ducks are at the park's ponds this time of year~ A LOT!  And, I'm sure the city doesn't appreciate the daily, er, uh..."cleanup".

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DeniseinVA said...

Great pictures! I love to be around so many ducks and geese. I once got chased by a white goose when I was a little girl. Guess I should have dropped that sandwich, lol :)