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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Canadian geese~Wild Bird Wednesday~013013

For many of you fellow bloggers, Canadian geese aren't something rare.  But, for those of us living in the desert, they are unusual.  They only visit us during the winter months, and then they head back to their homes in the north.  They frequently are sighted now on golf courses, ponds, and even have been seen in town at a water feature of a local outdoor shopping center ("The River" in Rancho Mirage).  Our local park attracts quite a few of them every year, like this group.  Last spring there was a wounded Canadian goose who stayed here during the summer as she could not fly and return with her flock.  Apparently several kind-hearted people kept an eye on her and fed her throughout the summer and she is still here with us.  Many people visit our local park and feed the birds and geese.  You can see that this group has a container of feed, which they are devouring!  :-)  I always love to see the geese at the park and on the golf courses, although they can leave quite a mess.  Wild Brd Wednesday for January 30, 2013.  No, that's not a real fisherman!  That a statue in the park!  To visit WBW, please go to:   http://pineriverreview.blogspot.com/


Stewart M said...

Hi there - nice looking geese.

I think you have used the wrong link on WBW - your thumbnail goes back to my blog!! You may need to delete and try again!

Cheers - Stewart M

PS: This collection will time out at midday Friday my time.

desertsandbeyond said...

Oops! Sorry...I redid the link~ That's what happens at 4:30 a.m.!!!