Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Palm oasis~Nature's Notes~011713

I love going up to the Coachella Valley Preserve.  I especially enjoy walking through the palm oasis.  There is a lot of ground water there which has seeped up and they have walkways through the palms.  This is right along the San Andreas fault, which explains the palms.  Do you want to find out where there is a fault line in the desert?  Well, look for palm trees!  Someday I'd LOVE to take one of the jeep tours, which goes places I can't go with my 2 wheel drive SUV to see the fault close up!  Nature's Notes for January 17, 2013.   To visit Nature's Notes, please go to:   http://ramblingwoods.com/


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! We will be visiting the desert again soon. Its beauty is so stark.

Rambling Woods said...

Yes a jeep ride sounds like fun. It is soo pretty where you live Cheryl Ann.. hope you teaching year is going well... Michelle