Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indian Canyon cabins

There are two abandoned cabins on the road up to Andreas and Murray Canyon, in the Palm Springs Indian canyons.  If you are ever in town, DO stop by and visit these canyons, especially in the fall!  They are amazing.  You wouldn't even know they are there~they are well hidden!  Andreas Canyon has a nice 1 mile loop trail, but you can also just walk around the parking area and see plenty of palms and colorful sycamore and cottonwood trees.  Murray Canyon is at the end of the road to the canyons, but you can hike down into the palm oasis there.  I love old desert cabins and these two have plenty of windows to capture the breezes which fall down the mountains.  And, during the summer, the mountain shadows would shade them in the afternoons.  Aren't they interesting?  You can see in the photos how the cabins, in the afternoon, are in the shade, while the desert valley is still in sunlight.

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