Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Welcome autumn!

Autumn is in full swing here in the lower desert.   Our days are in the 80's or low 90's (no air conditioning turned on, thank goodness).   we've had Santa Ana winds and this coming week we will have two days in the high 90's (air conditioning ON...)

Bodie has become a long-legged beauty.   He loves to "help" me feed the birds in the back yard every morning.   He doesn't really help.   He just runs all around the yard and almost knocks me over!   But, that is his idea of helping!

I have planted some hollyhock and sunflower seeds in various isolated spots in the back yard.   He IS leaving them alone.   As soon as we get past this last hot burst, I'll plant my sweet peas along the chain link fence.  I don't want to do it when temps will be that hot.

Not much is going on here.   He and Abby, our indoor cat, have reached a semi-truce, but she does outsmart him EVERY TIME!   If she's on my lap, he gets jealous and tries to knock her off.   If he is on my lap, she jumps up on me anyway.   He is slowly making friends with our 2 outdoor male cats.   The older one just completely ignores him and his shenanigans, but the younger one still doesn't completely trust Bodie (with good reason)...

I'm still working on my hand made journals.   You can find them here:     https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesertsandBeyond?ref=pr_shop_more
I've got quite a few new ones as well as other items now in my shop.

I had lunch with 3 other teachers who retired from my school either the year I did or the year after and we are going to meet again in December after one of them travels through the Middle East and Europe.   We are ALL GLAD we retired!

Until next time...

Cheryl (photos from a trip to the Living Desert Reserve this summer with the grandkids)...

 LOVE these colorful chairs!

 Coyote exhibit
 Pretty blossoms
Granddaughter at the train exhibit