Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow, Snow, and MORE SNOW~The Sierras~Scenic Sunday 021410

Hubby planned this trip to the Sierras for my birthday (which is today). We were last in the Sierras in August of 2009. We had also visited them in June. What a difference a couple of months makes! In June, there were plenty of waterfalls. In August, most had dried up (in Yosemite). August was also much more crowded. So, the day after school is over this June, we will be heading BACK to the Sierras! Here are some pics of our trip this weekend. Highway 395 was completely open to Reno. No problems there. Side roads into the mountains were mostly plowed, although we couldn't always get as far in as we wanted. The road to North Lake and South Lake, outside of Bishop, was open...to a point. Even the roads down to Mono Lake were closed and the visitor center there was closed, too. Smaller side roads, of course, weren't plowed, but many people had stopped on them to go sledding. The road to Mammoth was open, up to Mammoth Village, but closed after that. The scenic route (the loop) at Mammoth was open and we took that road back to 395. It was a good weekend, a good getaway from work and school, but we are heading back today for a family dinner. We'll both need tomorrow to recouperate! Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your family. Scenic Sunday for February 14, 2010. Yes, that's me in the bottom photo. You know I just can't stay away from horses! And, we stopped at Nicely's in Lee Vining. The BBQ restaurant next door, however, was closed for the season...you can see why!


Kate said...

Happy birthday! That's some impressive looking snow!

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a thoughtful hubby with good taste. What a beautiful sight!

®ø$åðìɱåggìø63 ღ said...

Foto molto belle.... però brrrrr che freddo !
Meno male che c'è il ristorante che prepara delle zuppe !!