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Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I got an award, mountain road, and birthdays!!!

Kate, over at http://ayearwithhorses.blogspot.com/ gave me an award and I'm so excited! There are days when I wonder why in the world I have 10 blogs. Yes, 10! You know, I haven't listed them here on this blog because I consider this one my "neighborhood", close-to-home one. But, some of my favorite photos are on here and, since I travel up and down the road to Pinyon every weekend, when I visit my horses, I get to experience that mountain's many moods and its beauty. If I have time this afternoon, I'll sit down and list them on the sidebar. So, thank you, Kate, for visiting this blog, too. I consider my horses one, http://deserthorses.blogspot.com/ and my http://desertsouthwest.blogspot.com/ my main blogs, since they are the one I update most frequently. But, I try to share my views of the desert and other places beyond it here on this blog. So, a big THANK YOU to everybody who comes over here for a visit, and especially Kate! Now, go out and enjoy your day. I have to get a crack on my car's windshield repaired this morning. Yes, AGAIN! It hasn't even been a year since I replaced my Honda CRV's windshield and yesterday morning, while driving to school, a truck with a load of dirt was on the freeway. I pulled over into the fast lane, but, unfortunately a rock struck my windshield. So, I'm off to get it patched. It hasn't grown yet, so if I get to the repair shop in time, it will be a $40 repair instead of a new $210 windshield!!! ARGH! My Honda's windshield was cracked last spring by a truck coming DOWN the mountain. I saw the rock coming right at me, but, on the narrow, twisting mountain road, there is NO ROOM to manuever and I had 3 cars behind me, so I took the rock instead of veering off the road! Yup. It cracked the windshield (big time!) and I had to replace the whole thing. Here are some pics of the mountain road. If you've ever seen "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and remember the ending, where the car goes down the mountain, yup...it's that road! It's Highway 74, the "Palms to Pines" Highway, which goes from Palm Desert up to Idyllwild, CA. It goes from 220 feet above sea level to over 5,000 feet! That's quite a transition. From the desert zone, through the pinyon zone (which I LOVE), to the Ponderosa pines of the forest zone, all on one road. When I get back this afternoon, I'll sit down and figure out what to share! And, yesterday was my husband's big 60th birthday and our grandson's 1st birthday! Two birthdays in one day! We had a wonderful dinner and family get-together at our son's house. It was good to meet Claudia's family, her aunts, and all her cousins! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ART and baby Ben! And, please, anybody can accept this award, post it on your blog, and tell us 7 things about yourself. I'll get around to that this next week!

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