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Monday, February 14, 2011

African daisies~Mellow Yellow Monday 021411

My African daisies are now in full bloom. I planted these in the front yard, out by the sidewalk. I had to put wire over them as somebody's dog likes to stop and...er..."deposit" some items and tear them up! Don't people recognize the leash law? (...shaking head...) So, that explains the wire over them. After being gone one weekend, we arrived home to find half of the daisies thrown about in chaos. I mean, how frustrating is that??? I NEVER allow my dogs to run alone, without a leash. And, the sad part is that our street is only one block off a very busy main street here in town! I don't think I'll even plant them here next year, so I'll need to figure out where to plant them. They do reseed themselves, so some may grow, but I always collect the seeds, keep them, and then reseed the following year. Mellow Yellow Monday for February 14, 2011. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


Lesa said...

Very cheerful! Can't wait for spring here-- we've had two horrid weeks of winter storms-- and I found daffodil stalks yesterday so not long to wait!

I put wire over my garden occasionally even in the country-- critters sometimes have it in for an innocent plant for no good reason.

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous bloom!
Mellow Yellow at my page. Happy Valentine's day!

Carolyn Ford said...

Maybe you should plant some small cacti there...the kind with little hairy needles! I bet this pooch will find a new spot to destroy! But...for now...your yellow daisies are divine!

Canyon Girl said...

Too bad about your flowers, they are so pretty. Happy Valentine's Day to you.--Inger