Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"U" is for...ABC Wednesday 120810

UNWARY. The UNWARY traveler in our nearby mountains and in our desert may encoUnter a cholla cactus and if you do, you better be wearing thick shoes! I was up in the pinyon forest of our local mountains this weekend and I spotted some cholla cactus (see them in the lower left hand of the top photo). I found a dead one (see the ribs?) and spotted little barbed cholla pieces. I put my foot next to them to take a photo. I always wear these heavy, steel-toed WALMART boots when I'm out hiking or taking photos, just because I don't wish to encounter any cholla! So, I very carefully tiptoed around these and continued on my way to the horse ranch and GUESS WHAT? YUP! One of the little buggers had attached itself to my boot and when I arrived at the ranch, the owner said, "Look what you've got on your shoe. Where did you pick that up?"....Ack! As careful as I was, I guess I picked up one and I was an UNWARY traveler! For other participants in ABC Wednesday, please visit: http://abcwednesdayround3.blogspot.com/


Roger Owen Green said...

I'd best be prepared then, I reckon!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

They do have a tendency to hang on! Excellent photos!

Barb said...

Yes, those cholla are nasty. I don't have any here and never will. What a misnomer to call them 'Teddy Bear' cactus.

~Cheryl said...

U have a very Unique post! Great job!

Janie said...

Staying wary around cactus is certainly a good idea! Good thing you had on thick-soled boots.

Rambling Woods said...

I had not heard of them..well I guess they don't like snow. But they do look nasty...Michelle