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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"T" is for tame...ABC Wednesday 120110

"T" is for TAME and these burros in the town of Oatman, Arizona, are definitely TAME! They wander the streets of the city freely and stick their noses into cameras! One even invited himself up onto the porch of a shop! I guess he wanted to hear all the gossip! Another one pestered a TOURIST who was TRYING to take a photo! Hubby and I drove through Oatman on our TRIP through Arizona...Kingman to Flagstaff. I'm glad we got to visit Oatman and see the burros. There were a couple of babies and one was nursing in the middle of the street! After that, he just plopped down and took a nap! Oatman is an interesting TOWN and I'm glad we got to visit! "T" for ABC Wednesday for December 1, 2010.


Misfit in Paradise said...

That looks like a town I would love to visit! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Donna - ABC Wednesday

Winchester Daily Photos said...

How cute!

Roger Owen Green said...

Tame is good!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh, how cute! I'll have to remember this town the next time we are heading towards Flagstaff!

helenmac said...

Wonderful trip to Oatman and the burros with you, Cheryl Ann!
Helen Mac, ABC team

Janie said...

The burros are so cute, and it sure is unique to have them wandering the street, probably hoping for treats from the tourists.