Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sierras trip!!! ~~Highlights~~

Hubby and I decided to take our new XTerra to the Sierras and try it out. We had a few days between our son's birthday, on December 28, and New Year's, so we headed up to Lone Pine. We drove up ther Wednesday afternoon. It was snowing on the peaks, and raining on and off along the way. We took a late afternoon drive out to the Alabama Hills and then set out for Bishop Thursday morning. We drove up the road to South Lake, since it was open and clear, but above AspenDell, it was closed, so we turned around. We had heard that Highway 395 was closed at Crowley Lake, unless you had chains or a 4 wheel drive and we didn't have either, but we got that far and then turned around as the road was just too icy. We enjoyed our short vacation and wanted to get home New Year's Eve and let the 3 dogs inside. It has been freezing down here in the desert and they were out for two nights. It was down to 20 degrees in Lone Pine last night and a storm is moving in this evening, so we are glad to be home, with our dogs and our champagne! Happy New Year, everybody! May you have a safe and prosperous New Year!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

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Lynette said...

Great photos! Great story, too. At Portland Oregon Daily Photo my theme day post—favorite 2010 posted photo—will be up after midnight in Portland. In the meantime, I have a special New Year’s Eve post. Happy New Year!