Deserts and Beyond

Deserts and beyond...places in and around the southern California deserts and beyond. Photo taken at Canyon Lake, in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, December 2011. A few minutes later, after the sun disappeared, these cliffs were their normal color. They were only golden for a short time and I'm glad we were able to view them in their glory.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ready for summer!

The boats are ready at June Lake, CA. Summer vacation is coming!


®osadimaggio63 said...

questa immagine fà venire voglia di partire con il sacco a pelo per qualche giorno nella natura !
Buona giornata :-)

Tash said...

Hee-hee - knew immediately where you are. Wonderful photo.

Carolyn Ford said...

There's still alot of snow on those "hills." I know exactly where you were standing to take this shot. What a beautiful place on Earth this is!

Dindin MK said...

What a Nice shot and view!

Εscape said...

Beautiful photo. Great colors.!!!

WorldLens said...

Even for an over-heated desert dweller like myself that water still looks a little chilly.

Joy said...

What a great shot. I love the whole composition. Wonder how it'll be in b&w.

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