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Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Water in the desert

I went on a hike up Pushawalla Canyon yesterday, with my cousin. She rode one of her horses in and I walked, since I still haven't been back on a horse after my accident in August of 2008. Yes, nearly two years! When I dismounted off a friend's horse, I tweeked my back. Actually, I suffered two slipped discs and I now have permanent nerve damage along my sciatic nerve. Both of my feet are constantly numb and tingling and I occasionally get leg cramps so bad that I can't walk! But, I've noticed, on my spring break, that walking actually lessens the leg cramps, so I've tried to go out and walk as much as I can! Anyway...she showed me where to park my car and then Valerie rode her horse down into the canyon while I hiked up to it. Pushawalla Canyon is located right ON the San Andreas Fault. There are lots of palms in the canyon, since because of the fault, water flows to the surface. On my way back OUT of the canyon, I spotted these palm trees lying about a mile down from the entrance and about two miles down from the palms in the canyon. Don't take water in the desert for granted! These were HUGE palms lying on their sides. The water carried them about 2 miles downstream! BEWARE and be safe and smart when you see water running over roads! I believe I heard on the news that even a little bit of running water can carry your car away. And, believe me, these palms weigh more than most cars! I thought they told a story, then, and wanted to share it with you! BE CAREFUL of driving through water in the desert (or anywhere else!) Be smart! I know that Arizona has a "stupid driver" law that states if you drive through water and get stuck, and you have to call for help, YOU have to pay for your own rescue! Something to think about... Believe me, I have a lot more respect now for our summer monsoon storms after seeing these palms two miles down from the canyon!!!


Carolyn Ford said...

and, that is SO true! The owners of my childrens' swimming school (28 years ago) drowned in a flash flood at Lake Mead, Arizona. That was such a shock to our community! Their children took over the school and did a fantastic job and kept the good reputation moving forward...but, their parents were swept away so fast by a wall of water they didn't see coming!

Barb said...

Being able to hike out to take these pics seems such a pleasure for you and with any luck you'll soon be back to riding again. But don't stop with the photography :)

Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry about your accident. I can relate to the cramping, pain and tingling as I have a spinal cord ms lesion that has caused me those types of problems..Michelle