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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mexican Wolf~Camera Critters for 111409

I've always been fascinated by wolves and big cats. I was especially excited to often visit the Mexican wolves at the Living Desert. I would stop by their enclosure many afternoons after school. I often heard people say that they heard them howl when firetrucks went by, but I have never heard them...(sigh)... I do have quite a few pics of them, however, over the years. I do believe that this female was the one who was returned from the Arizona release site. They actually went back and recaptured her after a couple of her pack mates were killed. If I remember correctly, a rancher killed one, and a camper killed another one, so off the LDR went to recapture its just-released Mexican wolves. We haven't been back over to that area of Arizona for several years (ha....10 years!) so I'm not completely up-to-date on the Mexican wolf release program in Arizona. But, anyway, I do have these and some other photos. Camera Critters for November 14, 2009. Enjoy your weekend! If you wish to read the most current update on the Mexican wolves in Arizona, here is the link (updated November 10) http://www.fws.gov/southwest/es/mexicanwolf/BRWRP_notes.cfm


eileeninmd said...

Interesting post and photos on the Mexican wolves. I love all animals. Great photos.

Martha in PA said...

Great shots!


Dina said...

Thanks for your thoughts and pictures of wolves. Farley Mowat's book _Never Cry Wolf_ came out when I was in college in America. It changed the way many of us looked at wolves.
Never seen a wolf in the wild, but there are plenty of jackals around my house. Sometimes their cries wake me in the night.
Happy Camera Critter Sunday to you.

Joy said...

So interesting & great photos.

chubskulit said...

Woof woof! Thanks for this informative post!

MY Camera Critters

Snap said...

Lovely shots of the Mexican wolves.

jabblog said...

Wolves are fascinating animals with such a complex life.

Chie Wilks said...

wohh..what a scary critter....thanks for sharing the info about Mexican Wolves release and for the link..it seems interesting

mine is here

desertsandbeyond said...

Why are wolves "scary"? Wolves have a niche in the natural order. There has NEVER been a documented attack by wolves on humans. Just "scary" stories. I'd be more concerned about being stalked by a mountain lion than a wolf!!! I've met half-wolves before and honestly, if their owners hadn't told me, I wouldn't even have known that they were wolves! Did you know that the closest dog to the wolf is the malamute? And, they are used as sled dogs? Please, read up the FACTS about wolves.