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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ack~~no computer for a couple of days!!!

My husband just informed me that the desk where I have my laptop (MY DESK!) will be moving to our son's new house, along with my two bookshelves. Huh? I certainly didn't get THAT memo! Oh, well...it's okay. Our son has a new house and no furniture and I'm glad to be able to help him. But...now WHERE in tarnation do I put my desktop computer, printer, and all my horse videos and books? Hmmmm.....this is going to require some MAJOR reorganization. Right now I have my desk beside a kitchen window that looks out over our back yard. I sit and watch the doves eat and splash in the water fountain. There is a hawk that has taken up residence in our neighborhood and when he swoops down, the doves immediately scatter! I think I'm being banished to the guest bedroom, where I'll be able to sit and look out a front window and watch Daisy, our little female cat, being chased down the street by the neighborhood roadrunner!!! Anyway, I'll be off line for a couple of days. Hopefully I'll be back for the Sunday Stills Challenge (horses)...HA~ That will be an easy one for me!

Take care. See you in a few days!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

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