Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, August 29, 2011

How do you air condition your house in the desert?

HA!  Not really...these two little homesteads are on the way into Joshua Tree National Park.  They've been vacant for years.  There was a huge storm up there yesterday afternoon and of course, hubby wanted to grab the cameras and head up there.  Er...uh...it was RAINING!  Fortunately, we arrived as the storm moved to the west of the park, out over Whitewater Canyon.  Hey, Spare Parts, did you witness the storm?  Apparently it rained 1/2 inch in 15 minutes!  That's a lot of rain for an area that only gets 4 inches in a YEAR!  There was water running through the streets and a lot of standing water around the park, but the park itself was clear and smelled wonderful~that wonderful wet, fresh, desert smell! We actually saw more animals in the park yesterday than all of our previous visits and I'll be posting about our trip all this week.


Louise said...

That's certainly one way to let the breeze in. I wonder if the desert will bloom now that it has gotten such rain? I remember on an old Walt Disney TV show (yes, I'm that old)where they showed the desert blooming, using time lapse photography, after a rain. It has stuck in my mind for all these years.

Gaelyn said...

There are many of those funny falling apart houses around JT. This one's kind of cute.

Cassy said...

The roofs were now apart.
Hope no more storms will come in your area.

Cassy from Lead Guitar Lessons

Pat said...

A turquoise house - that will keep the spirits away! Joshua Tree National Park - that's a beautiful place! Can't wait to see photos!