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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lynx Lake, Prescott ~040312

Hubby and I drove out to Lynx Lake this morning about 10:00.  We got a late start (unfortunately).  I like to skip breakfast, get dressed and go, but hubby was having issues at work and had to stay on the cell phone to resolve them...sigh...Anyway, neither one of us had ever seen Lynx Lake before.  It's on a side road near Prescott (the road is actually right across from the Residence Inn where we are staying!).  We drove all the way down the road and turned around and then came back to view the south view and the north view of the lake.  We really liked the south view.  We saw white ducks there and a goose, as well as other ducks and a few cormorants.  The water level was very low because Prescott, too, is having a mild winter.  There were picnic tables at the two exits and I wanted to buy some sandwiches and return there toward evening...maybe another night.


Gaelyn said...

OK, you convinced me. I have to explore more of my back yard.

Was so great to meet you two. And thanks for all the camera advice.

If you head my way, give a call.

Teresa said...

Pretty lake view! I have never heard of this lake. I am still learning about all there is to see and do here in AZ.
That's why I love Blogs!