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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knee update

I went to my doctor today...sigh...she thinks I have arthritis in my knee.  She ordered an x-ray, which I got done this afternoon, and then I'll start physical therapy.  She gave me some CELEBREX (an anti-inflammatory) and also ordered me off my legs for 3 work days.  I'll need to drive out tomorrow and get a knee brace.  Honestly, I've been in so much pain lately that I really haven't been able to think straight.  If the x-ray isn't conclusive, then I'll undergo a MRI in a couple of weeks, especially if this course of action doesn't have results. I have NEVER had any kind of knee problems, but my back MRI did show a lot of arthritis there.  Thank you all for your concern.


TexWisGirl said...

sorry to hear that! but i do hope the treatment works!

KT said...

I too have knee problems...I do wonder if it is the beginning of arthritis. It will come on suddenly...be so painful I can't walk...and then be gone again in the next couple days. Hoping the medication might help with the pain...I know how troublesome it can be. Also - if you might let me know if you like the knee brace you get. I know you do a lot of walking (as do I), so I want to find one that is accomodating!

Anonymous said...

Be well.