Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Palms and dates

I went to our local park yesterday morning and was surprised to see dates on the palm trees there.  A couple of palms hadn't been trimmed and were FULL of dates!  Our local community college doesn't trim their dates and they will harvest theirs in January.  Don't these look yummy?  I've grown to love dates.  When we first moved here, about 35 years ago, I didn't eat them, but I've read up on their health benefits and now I eat them and savor them.  I used to feed some to my quarter horse, Sunni, when I boarded him down in Indio and he loved them!  There are groves of date palms further down in the valley and I'll head out that way another time.


Teresa said...

I love dates, too. It's amazing what I've learned about these desert plants, trees, etc since living in AZ....although my desert shrub still stumps me. It's not a creosote, I googled images and it doesn't come close to any I've seen on there.

Whenever I see these date palms it makes me feel like I'm in Africa and at any given moment there will be a monkey swinging from the palm branches.

Pat said...

Geez, am I the only one who that palm trees only had coconuts? What's this you say? Dates? Why I never!

Gaelyn said...

How about a famous date shake?
Don't really care for them myself.