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Eastern Sierra
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Anza vineyards

There was an article recently in the Los Angeles Times about wine grapes being grown up in Anza.  That's near where I board my 5 horses, so I drove by one of the small vineyards.  My sister-in-law has 10 acres of Merlot up in Napa and my husband used to be a wine broker, so I'm fairly familiar with vineyards.  I love to see them in the autumn.  The leaves turn brown and other colors.  It's a quiet time for them.  It was a dark and dreay, rainy day on Saturday, when I drove by this small vineyard.  The problem with growing wine grapes in Anza is that they do get late frosts, which would severely damage the grapes on the vines.  I guess time will tell whether or not Anza becomes another wine growing region in Southern California.

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Teresa said...

I love vineyards too, but mostly the end result--VINO!
Cool effect on the pictures, looks painted or sketched.