Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Friday, November 4, 2011

And a not-so-good morning today

It started snowing up here at Twin Lakes last night about 8:00 p.m.  It snowed all night.and this morning I had to bundle up and walk down to our car to get our coffee.  I did just fine outside, but when I came back inside, I went KERSPLAT on the slick, vinyl kitchen floor.  My Nikon camera went flying across the floor and I broke the viewfinder AND I cannot make any adjustments to the manual settings on it.  I was heartbroken.  This is the camera that I've learned how to use manual settings (FINALLY).  I take her everywhere with me.  Hubby phoned around and found a place that (...keep your fingers crossed) can repair it for $150.00.  Better that than having to buy a new camera!  I can still take photos, but I can't adjust any of the settings, so everything is on 1/60 of a second right now.  And, since I landed on both knees, especially my right one, it is now swollen and stiff.  And, it's snowing again already...looks like a long, cold night ahead for us!


Barb said...

Oh no! Sorry about the camera but I'm glad you're not hurt. Might I suggest a hot bath tonight with some nice salts in it?

Rohrerbot said...

Oh dear....watch that knee and swelling...hopefully it's not broken. I hope your camera gets medical help as well. It's amazing how a day can take a turn for the worse in just a matter of moments!! Get better.

KT said...

Grrr... I was just talking to my neighbor this week about how I was not looking forward to the snow and ice. We both shared stories about our dog-walking KERSPLATS!

Gaelyn said...

This is a bummer. Take care of those knees and hope your camera is fixable. Stay warm.