Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just This and That~~and my camera

Hubby is sending my camera into the shop today to have the viewfinder fixed and for it to have a thorough cleaning.  Every time I take it up to the horses, dust seems to get in it and then I have "floaters" on my photos...spots of dust which show up on the photos...I took it with me yesterday morning and after cleaning it while I walked, they were still there...sigh...I'm going to miss my camera, but I'll have the new Canon EOS 7D.  However, you know, I just don't get the sharp, vibrant colors that I get with my Nikon, which is a D40x.  I LOVE this little camera.  If you don't know or remember the story, while hubby and I were up in the Sierra, at Mammoth last month, it snowed overnight and when I went out the next morning, I didn't remove my boots right away coming back into the cabin and I went "SPLAT" on the slippery kitchen floor and my Nikon went flying and "SPLAT" it hit the floor.  I was actually more concerned about my camera than myself, although I now have a swollen right knee and my right shoulder HURTS LIKE #$%%!  I threw my arms out to soften the blow and landed on my right side...BUT the viewfinder on my Nikon is busted and it will cost $150 just to fix it....sigh...I know, I know, I SHOULD have removed my boots immediately upon entering the cabin!  Believe me, hubby told me 10,000 times!!!!!  As you can see, however, the Nikon still takes photos...it's just that I can't view them!  So, I've been leaving it on shutter priority and hoping for the best!  We are taking the grandson today to the Living Desert to see the miniature train exhibit and I'll take the Nikon with me, but after that, she gets shipped off to the camera repair shop!  (....biting nails....)  All these photos were taken after the time change, during my morning walk.  I don't see any dust spots on these, but my later ones do have globs of dust all over them!  I'm not even sure I would have seen the spots using the viewfinder...sigh...


paul said...

beautiful country, beautiful photos

happy 2 hear your fall didn't result in any broken bones

Teresa said...

I get lots of dust in my camera, too. I guess it's to be expected out in the good ol dust bowl of America. Hope your camera turns out okay.

Rohrerbot said...

Well you can't change the past...it would be nice if we had access to that for moments like those. That sounds like an okay price for repair and certainly better than buying a new one, but I understand your frustrations:)....especially with the dust. So while I am trying to read and write, my cats is rolling all over the keyboard right now making it difficult to do my work!!:) Hope you're enjoying this nice cool weekend.

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Grandi foto piene di effetti colorate.
Mi piacciono molto :)
Buona giornata.

Pat said...

Gosh those are gorgeous photos! Sorry to hear about your fall and your hurting body and broken camera. Hope both are on the mend soon!