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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

early morning rose photos at the park

I should preface this post by letting you all know my parents had the most beautiful rose garden!  I remember my father hitching up his trailer to his car and going to purchase a trailerload of horse manure (ha, and I now have 5 horses!) and spreading it around his precious roses.  They grew and bloomed and thrived.  And, our neighbor next door, my piano teacher, had gorgeous roses, too, which I threaded my way through once a week to my piano lesson.  And, how many roses do I have?  Zero...none...I've managed to KILL every rose bush I've ever planted.  I simply CANNOT grow roses.  One time my old school pulled out all their mature roses and let us take them home for transplanting.  I took two home.  They survived for a while and then died.  I've tried bareroot roses, climbing roses, roses in pots...NOTHING survived.  And, otherwise, I have a green thumb.  Go figure.  My neighbor has some in her yard and sometimes I walk over there to photograph hers.  Now, I just go to the local civic center park and photograph theirs...sigh...I wish I could grow my own roses, but I've given up!


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Nice shots! I like the way you captured the early morning light hitting the flowers.

Gaelyn said...

These are beautiful and remind me of my Mom's rose bushes. She had the best luck. I'd buy her roses for birthday and Mother's Day. I have a black thumb.