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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keys Point, Joshua Tree

Keys View is the highest point in Joshua Tree National Park, and it is over 5,000 feet.  We love to go there and look out across the Coachella Valley.  Unfortunately, after Sunday's storm, it was extremely humid and the valley has hazy.  That's Mt. San Jacinto in the distance.  We can go to Keys View and see our son's house and daughter's house down in Indio.  There is a 4 wheel drive road up San Berdo canyon, but we've never taken it, although I'd like to someday, if we rented a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Many of the roads in the park DO require a 4 wheel drive.  In fact, the German tourists who got stuck on a side road with their rental car and then died in the park in August shouldn't have been on the road they were on when they got stuck.  And, ALWAYS carry extra water with you in the park.  There is NO cell phone reception in many areas (hubby has Verizon and was without cell phone service on Sunday).  Just think SMART when you visit the park!

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Gaelyn said...

That Keys View into the valley is magnificent, on a clear day, when Jacinto stands out strong. Plus I enjoyed visiting Keys Ranch. What a guy.

It is so sad when park visitors don't pay closer attention to their surroundings. NPS can't put warning signs every 3 feet. Park newspapers, and Rangers, offer a lot of good advice and information. Yet the newspapers so rarely get read, even when offered in a variety of languages. Many people don't have the instincts for traveling in wilderness.