Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hubby's Joshua Tree National Park pics

I have to admit something.  These aren't my photos.  Nope.  These are hubby's.  We stayed in Ridgecrest overnight as we are heading up to the Sierra for the next 3 days and I was going through his Joshua Tree folder and his laptop last night and I really liked these three photos.  He actually takes the time to stand somewhere and COMPOSE his photos, where I usually just point and shoot...sigh...He's also very spatial and is a graphics designer.  Sometimes I get lucky and get a really well composed photo, but not like these.  Anyway, since my laptop is still put away, I though I'd share these with you!  :-)  Enjoy your day.  We are heading up to Lone Pine this morning.


Teresa said...

really neat pics! Those boulders/rocks remind me of the Boulders Resort in Cave Creek. They have a look of their own.

Gaelyn said...

These are wonderful. I'm rather a point and shoter too. But I can usually get lucky.

Rohrerbot said...

He's great!! You should hire him on!!:) Although your photos are amazing as well. Maybe that's why you both married one another. Both of your photo shoots compliment one another. You can tell the angles are different and that someone else took the pics. Sometimes on my blog, I'll have pics from other half as well:) And um....I hate to admit it outloud, but they're pretty good. Not jealous at all:) I sometimes have to twist Pat's arm to come along on these road trips and so I take the camera out as bait because a certain someone loves to take pics:) Have a good weekend. Chris