Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Joshua Tree reflection~Weekend Reflections~090411

It had rained right before we entered Joshua Tree National Park last Sunday.  It was actually a 15 minute downpour and when we drove into one of the turnouts, I looked down to see rocks reflected in a puddle.  However, being in the desert, most of the water evaporated quickly.  The washes were clear when we were there, but we did see running water still moving down the streets.  Weekend Reflections for Sunday, September 4, 2011. To visit Weekend Reflections, please go to:  http://weekendreflection.blogspot.com/


Teresa said...

Hi Cheryl Ann, Love this picture.
soo cool that you were able to capture that.
I noticed you commented on my site and I accidentally removed the comment. I meant to hit "publish".
Look forward to your posts and pics.

Gaelyn said...

I really like to see puddles in the desert. Nice reflection.

James said...

Very cool picture! I'm always amazed by what can be found in puddles! :)

'Tsuki said...

Nica composition ! I like the sepia tone of the picture too...