Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Bear lake ~Nature Notes~090811

Hubby and I traveled to Big Bear Lake over the Labor Day weekend.  The lake was crowded.  That was good to see.  We hadn't been up there for about 7 years.  At that time, the little lake (Little Big Bear Lake) was full of mud and reeds.  There wasn't any water in it and Big Bear was in the middle of a drought.  This last weekend, however, the little lake was full of water.  What a pleasant sight to see (that's the top two photos).  And, like I said, a lot of people were out fishing, boating, and swimming in it.  The bottom photo shows people on Big Bear Lake.  There's a road between the two lakes and we drove up and down that road looking at all the people out enjoying the sunshine, lake, and three days off work!  Nature Notes for September 8, 2011. To go to Nature Notes, please go to:  http://ramblingwoods.com/


Pat said...

I love the reflection of the clouds in the water. That looks like such a beautiful area!

ramblingwoods said...

So many people and wildlife suffering in the droughts.. Lucky that this area has this beautiful lake to enjoy...Michelle

Leora said...

What beautiful scenery. I would love to be near or in that water.