Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Which way is up?

Which way is up? HA~if you look in the lower right hand corner, there's hubby with his camera! :-) I sure would like to be there now, instead of here in the desert, where it was 109 degrees today. My little cat, Daisy, came to the front door, panting, and I let her inside. She slept all afternoon. It's so hot that the birds disappear midday!


Carolyn Ford said...

amazing! fabulous capture!!!

Gaelyn said...

Excellent reflection.

And I felt hot at almost 80? Ok, I'll quit complaining.

Lynette said...

Superb photo. Wish the heat would go away for everyone. We're blessed here in Portland, Oregon, to be very comfortable, a little wet, but not hot.

Perez Studios said...

Wow, that is hot! I think Palm Springs and the surrounding area is only best for a winter home! Too hot during the summer to live there. You made me change my mind about moving down there. Gonna have to look for a cooler place!

Nice photos!


desertsandbeyond said...

109 is pretty normal for July. Sometimes it gets up over 120 degrees, like the day our old air conditioner konked out (it was 128 degrees)!!!!!!!! I literally sat in front of a fan for the 3 days it took them to install a whole new unit!!!!

Louise said...

Oh my! It's a beautiful shot. Is your heat dry? Not that, at 109 degrees, I suppose that matters much. I was stifling today. My back yard thermometer said 102 degrees. That's hideously hot for New York State. And, it was very humid, on top of it all.