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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the Normans

As I stated in my previous post, I am researching some of my dad's female lines.  he never did that during his lifetime and he is gone now.  That is too bad.  He could never trace his direct male line past 1632, when his first known male ancestor came to America from England and it frustrated him.  He actually went to Connecticut several times to do research and he did an excellent job, but he neglected the females.  I have taken up that task and they are MUCH more interesting than his Connecticut farmers!  Every single one of them, except for a couple over 300 years, I have bee able yo yet ace back to England and follow their families.   ALL were of Norman ancestry, except one line Wheeler which was Saxon.  He believed one of his ancestors came with William the Conqueror and while I have not been able to trace his male line back that far, the FEMALE lines were indeed either Norman lords or, in at least two lines, directly descended from William.  Indeed, many of the  Norman families became major players in English history.  He just did not have the resources that we do today.  I have now done so much work on my lines that I also began to investigate my husband's family tree.  He knew absolutely nothing about his dad and his heritage, but I have now discovered that he has several ancestors I the Scottish Bruce family, as well as the Stewart clan.  he never knew this!  And, several of his lines have crossed my ancesorial lines!  Sorry about the typing...I am using my iPad and getting used to the keyboard! More later...

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