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Eastern Sierra
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whoosh~and then I saw...

There has only been one morning when I haven't had one of my cameras with me and it was this week. I felt naked without it, like a part of me was missing. I didn't want to take my big Nikon with me yesterday morning, so I left it at home, but I had my little Nikon Coolpix in my purse. Yes! The one I thought I'd lost in the school parking lot! I FINALLY really cleaned out my car and I found it and my sunglasses wedged under one of the floor mats. Unfortunately, it spent 10 days in my car and two of those days were 100+ degrees, and even now, after adding new batteries, it is rather s-l-o-w...sigh...So, as I was walking yesterday morning, I hear the WHOOSH! of wings behind me. I thought it was the ravens, but when I looked up, it was hundreds and hundreds of black cormorants heading north! And, since the Coolpix doesn't refresh quickly, I only got a couple of shots of them. It was fascinating to watch them, however. That's one reason that I walk down by the golf course...it seems to be a flyway for birds. I've seen ducks, ravens, Canadian geese, and now the cormorants all flying by! Summer must be around the corner if they're all heading north...right? Click on the photos to see them enlarged. Sorry for the poor quality...my little camera needs some TLC! But, just look how many of them there were! I'm glad I was out walking at that time or I would have missed them.


Gaelyn said...

Nice sighting. Surely a sign of summer.

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Fantastica scia di uccelli.
Grandiosa foto.
Buona giornata :)

Chasing Sunsets said...

so glad you found your camera. I am totally naked without mine as well. In fact when I leave my house I do the run down and make sure cell phone, camera, keys and purse are all where they should be.