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Eastern Sierra
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

An unkindness of ravens ...GRAPHIC story

Please don't read this if you are faint of heart. If I were to read it myself, I'd cry. In fact, I've cried and cried already. When I was on my way to my morning walk this morning, I came upon an unkindness of ravens (a group of about 8 of them) next to the road. I stopped to see what they were feeding upon and to my horror, I spotted a LIVE jackrabbit. Yes, he was alive! I walked closer, scared them off, and saw that his back legs were broken. Apparently he had been struck by a car. I cursed the car, I cursed the ravens, but didn't have the means to put it out of its misery. Cars passed by, whizzing along (there usually isn't much traffic on that road, but I did see one speed by, completely obvious...) I looked into the rabbit's face and turned away...I just couldn't kill him. I found a maintenance worker at the golf resort, but he couldn't leave the property to do the deed. I fumed and stormed about, and an hour later, when I was leaving, I spied a car and a man walking nearby. Turns out, the rabbit had hobbled down to the street and when he came up, the ravens were feeding on him again. He had a large rock in his hand and told me he would put him out of his misery and told me to turn away. I tearfully gave him a pat on his arm and turned and walked away. I know that nature has her beauty, but I had a hard time seeing any today...

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Gaelyn said...

You witnessed the miracle of life and death.