Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Friday, October 14, 2016

Eastern Sierra Nevada trip

Hubby and I decided to take an extended eastern Sierra Nevada trip this fall (since we are BOTH now retired!).  The last time we went there in the fall, we were both still working.  I took 2 days off school and backed them up to a weekend, but, with 1 day for driving up, and 1 day for the return trip, that only left us 2 days to see the fall colors and that certainly wasn't enough time!

So, this year, we decided on an 8 night trip.  The first night was in Bishop, then 4 nights in Mammoth, 2 nights in South Lake Tahoe, and 1 night back in Bishop.  I drove 7 out of the 8 days.  I don't like hubby to drive anymore.  He drives TOO FAST!

And, we HAD to take our black lab, Ripley, with us, so we had to find pet friendly motels and cabins (which we did!).  She gets separation anxiety and starts clawing our fences the minute we leave.  She's at the point now that we can't even leave her overnight.

Our first stop was at the Vagabond Motel in Bishop.  Yes, they are pet friendly!  They have a nice, grassy area behind the motel rooms in the back for dogs and even provide doggie doodle bags!  Bishop is a fairly easy drive for us (about 5 hours)...

We were able to drive up through Bishop Canyon that afternoon.  But, being the Sierra, a storm was approaching and my photos didn't come out as bright and as sharp as I had hoped.  By late afternoon, the mountains above Bishop were completely socked in with clouds.

Here are a few photos from that first afternoon.  Sorry about the quality...

 This is at lake Intake #2, Bishop Canyon
 intake #2
 Somebody was enjoying a quiet ride.
 Yes, Ripley, our 9 year old black lab, got her 1st experience in a REAL LAKE!  She would have gone all the way out if I hadn't had her on a leash!!!!!
 Pretty leaves
 Nice view
Clouds were gathering.  Those Sierra storms sure do move in quickly!

Hubby took these photos.  He has a better lens than I do.  Mine is a Tamron.  His is a different one and his camera has a larger sensor than mine.  DARN!
 That's me and Ripley at the lake, Intake #2, Bishop Canyon
Yes, hubby took this one!  I'm so jealous!  His colors just stand out better than mine!

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Owlfarmer said...

The photos are terrific, and you're now on my "people to envy" list. We won't be able to get out to the Owens Valley until late next Spring (The Beloved Spouse is still teaching--until December 2017), so I have to live vicariously through people who get there. I love that Ripley got to go, too. We took our dogs with us when we went in Dec. 2014 and they loved the trip, and the high desert. Alas, Woody is no longer with us (there's an obit on my blog), but Arlo loves our trailer, so we're looking forward to taking him back to my old stomping grounds. Congrats on the retirement! And keep taking great, enviable photos.