Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lundy Canyon

We drove up through Lundy Canyon the morning we left Bishop, since it was on the road to Mammoth.  It had been several years since we had been up Lundy Canyon and we never did make it to the beaver ponds, for some reason.  If you go, make sure you drive past the cabins up to the beaver pond.  The road ends at a trail head and you can hike up even further, but, with the dog with us, we decided not to do the hike.  Honestly, if I were traveling alone with my dog, I would have done it.  Hubby isn't quite as adventurous as I am!

We saw absolutely stunning fall colors up there...probably the best of the trip, although Bishop Canyon was also great.  What do you think?

 One of the Lundy Lake cabins.  Be sure you continue on the road past these cabins to see the pond.
 The road up Lundy Canyon

 Hubby actually got out of the car!
 First pond

 Amazing reflections that day!

Hubby made me get back into the car.  I had our black lab, Ripley, with us.  He thought he heard a BEAR in the woods.  He did hear something rustling around in the bushes that he said was large...

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