Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Eastern Sierra, Lake George ~ Water World Wednesday~ October 19, 2016

This is Lake George, above Mammoth, in the eastern Sierra Nevada. I headed out early one morning because hubby wasn't feeling well.  We had rented a cabin in Mammoth for 4 nights and this was about the 3rd morning.  I grabbed my backup camera, my old Nikon D40x because it does much better than my more expensive Canon in morning and late afternoon light.  It didn't disappoint me!

If you click and enlarge the 3rd photo down, you will see the bald eagle that took off from the shore on the left.  He flew across the lake and hovered over one spot for several minutes.  Unfortunately, my camera didn't refresh quickly enough to get a good photo of him!  But, I did see him and that will remain in my memory. He had just taken off when I snapped the photo!
Click on this top one to enlarge.  I got there early enough to see mist rising from the lake!  Amazing!  WOW!
 Early morning on Lake George
 Looking across the lake...do you see the bald eagle in the upper left corner?
 Probably a good fishing spot...
Looking back out across Lake George.  It was at this point that I heard a whole pack of coyotes across the lake, out by Twin Lakes.

I'm always thrilled to see lakes because we just don't have them here in our Southern California desert!

Water World Wednesday for October 19, 2016. To visit WWW, please go to this link:

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Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) What beautiful scenery, fall colours, and I love all the golden light in these images. Shame you couldn't get a closer image of the Bald Eagle, but as you say,...you had the pleasure of watching it in flight, and it has left a lasting memory. I wish I had seen it.:)