Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Friday, September 30, 2016


LOTS of beautiful apples are coming into season now up in Oak Glen.  I bought a bag of the Spartan apples while we were there.  They are very sweet and juicy!  Hubby bought an apple pie.

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Chaparral Earth said...

Here is what you do. Buy the apples that turn brown when you bite into them. Those are the best most healthy ones for you. Same with juice, get the cloudy brown juice. Those GMO Arctic Apples (Fuji, Granny Smith & Fuji which have had the gene removed which creates Polyphenols which boost the immune system through browning, those are not as healthy despite the Okanagan Specialty Fruit company says. The apples they have gotten approved by the USDA which are Granny Smith, Golden Delicious & Fuji. Look for the Arctic Apple symbol or Okanagan.

Arctic Apples by CRISPR: The kinder, safer, risk-proof version of GMO ?