Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Palm Springs Indian Canyons

I drove over to the Palm Springs Indian canyons on Sunday afternoon, as my final spot that day.  I had not been there for over 6 months and I wanted to see how much water was running through the washes and canyons.  There was quite a bit!  And, it was dirty and muddy, since it was pouring down the mountains where the big fire was last summer near Idyllwild.  The bottom photo shows Murray Canyon.  I had never hiked over to it before and it is only 300 feet from the trading post at Palm Canyon!  Unfortunately, there was a lot of people there and I was tired and I didn't want to hike down to it considering that there were that many people.  Water was also flowing through Palm Canyon and if you enlarge the second photo, you can see a standing pool of it.  We definitely needed all this water, but it also closed several major streets that crossed the wash in Palm Springs, such as Indian, Gene Autry, and Golf Cart Drive.

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Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great photos. Reminds me of 49 Palms Canyon in JTNP. Fun looking for water in the desert after the rains!