Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I took a photo and then fell on my PATOOTIE!

This morning I awoke to snow on all of our mountains around the Coachella Valley, so I was anxious to get in my car and take off.  I wanted to also get some photos of the windmills and maybe even drive up to the Whitewater Preserve, if the road was open.  It was, so up the road I went.  Along the way, I passed a bulldozer, so I knew it was open.  There had been a lot of debris in the roadway, and I even saw logs which were brought down by the water yesterday.  On my way up to the preserve's entry, I spotted a nice view of Mt. San Jacinto and some nearby windmills, so I pulled over to take some photos.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to get the shot I wanted.  So, I spotted a fallen, dead tree that looked like I could walk out along and get the photo I was after.  I tested it and it held, so I walked out on it, balancing carefully.  OOPS!  Maybe not so careful...I lost my balance (old age, I guess!) and I tumbled to the ground, right into the ... MUD!  Ugh!  I managed to save my camera (thank goodness!), but my ego was bruised. ... I mean, there was a time I would have balanced myself, taken the shot, and lightly bounded off the tree, but today wasn't that day.  My jeans were wet, they had MUD on them, and my day was ruined.  HELL NO!  I put on a sweater and drove up to the preserve and had a wonderful visit there.  In fact, I had a great day!  My left knee, however, is slightly bruised, but I'm going to my doctor tomorrow anyway, and I'll have her take a look at it.

So, here is the photo I took BEFORE my tumble, and the one I apparently snapped going down...that's my hair!


Barb said...

The shot was worth it ;)

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Hope your knee is OK. I actually really like both these photos! The first one is great, with the distant windmills, low clouds and snow. Very cool! The second one is like some of the abstract photos I see on Flickr.

desertsandbeyond said...

Oh, gosh...I'm not into abstract photos! And, it happened so quickly...I'm lucky I didn't break my camera!