Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, May 13, 2013

Return to Idyllwild

I was able to book one of the cabins at our favorite lodge up in Idyllwild this past weekend, at the Silver Pines Lodge.  They have 3 individual cabins as well as some in the main lodge.  They also have a triplex and a duplex, which I'd like to rent one weekend.  Several Pacific Crest trail hikers were in the smaller rooms in the triplex and duplex.  They were "off trail" for the weekend, chowing down some decent food and taking long, hot showers!  Idyllwild is not far off the trail and it gets many, many hikers who stop there for food, mail, and a night in a cabin.  Can't blame them, that's for sure!  Unfortunately, for them, it is downhill from Idyllwild, into the desert, then through Whitewater Canyon, and up to Big Bear.  From Big Bear, it's BACK down into the high desert, then Tehachipi, then another LONG desert spell, and then finally the eastern Sierra.  I wanted a couple of them about the high temps forecast here next week...it will be in the 100's as they make their downward trek.  And, this year, water is scarce.  I wish them all good luck!  Anyway, the grandson and his parents came with us and a good, restful weekend was had by all.  It's interesting how just getting out of the desert heat can be so restful.  Hubby took a nap Saturday afternoon and he told me he hasn't been that relaxed for a LONG time!  Here are a few pics from our weekend...more to come during the week.  That's the view from our cabin's long back porch (and the grandson off to see the blue jays) in the top photo.  The 3rd one shows the lodge and cabins around it.  We were in one of the 3 cabins which are separate from all of those other ones.  Our cabin has a HUGE, long back porch with a wooden railing.  The one next door has a back porch deck (which you can see), and the first cabin just has a little wooden deck.

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