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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peanuts and blue jays~ABC Wednesday~050113

We mostly spent last weekend up in Idyllwild feeding PEANUTS to the blue jays.  These PERKY fellows found and ate every peanut we threw out for them, even some of them that they didn't see us throw.  I wonder if they can smell them?  Anyway, they were quite PRECIOUS!  ABC Wednesday for May 1, 2013.   To visit ABC Wednesday, please go to:   http://abcwednesday-mrsnesbitt.blogspot.com/


Pat said...

I didn't know that blue jays like peanuts!

The Western Jay looks different from the blue jays in the Midwest. I'm sure they both have the same kind of aggressive personalities, though! Both are pretty to look at!

Nice photos!

Janet said...

Perfect for P!

Hildred said...

What a lovely series of pictures, and what a gread deal of priceless entertainment and pleasure birds provide for us.

Roger Owen Green said...

They can have my daughter's share. She's allergic to peanuts!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

ChrisJ said...

Our jays, not far from Idyllwild, are really Scrub Jays. They are a beautiful blue but have no crest. They announce their presence with a very harsh screech. They are bullies but I do like them -- rather like crows which are very clever.