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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeding the ducks (continued)

No, I haven't been to the park since Thursday morning to feed the ducks.  I have 2 brand new 25 pound bags of scratch feed in the back of my car...I thought I'd take the grandson to the park yesterday when I was babysitting him, but it was such a dreary day, we stayed at his house and he played with his trains and then went out back to play in the sand.  We both took an hour's nap!  I AM concerned about the number of ducks there and also the number of mud hens.  I know that during the summer there are white ducks at the park (I've counted 13 of them) and a very few other ducks.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should be contributing to them staying here...The flocks will be heading north soon.  Hubby and I aren't going to be here this weekend...we're driving to Orange County, so I won't be around to feed them then and I figured that with a 3 day weekend, they probably got plenty of food from families.

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Gaelyn said...

They will go where there is food. With or without you or others.

BTW, take the 50 lbs. out of your trunk before traveling. ;)