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Eastern Sierra
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Duck adventures at the park

Yesterday morning I drove to the park to feed the ducks early, about 7 a.m.  I stopped by the park a couple of mornings last week to feed the critters and now when they see my car, they waddle out into the parking lot.  EGADS!  I guess they are hungry!  I mean, these have GOT to be the best-fed ducks in Riverside County!  I bought a bag of cracked corn for them (no breadcrumbs for these guys!) and I'll be posting pics of them all week. I took this photo after they'd had their breakfast.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Your excellent photo reminds me of our park and the ducks that used to live there. I used to feed them 50 pounds of cracks corn every two days. Anyway, the city got tired of complaints of duck poop everywhere and gave the ducks to a farmer.

Gaelyn said...

Soon you'll be their quack/mom. ;) Glad you take corn and not bread. They are wonderful, although can be a little overwhelming.

sandy said...

I go to Fairmont Park in Riverside, often to feed the ducks or walk around the lake. Sometimes I climb to the top of Rubidoux mountain where the cross is.