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Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Went for my walk and ran into PEOPLE!!!

I ran into not only 1 person on my morning walk, but 3 this morning. That's a new record. Actually, I love my morning walks because I DO have solitude. Solitude and acres and acres of rabbits, coyotes, ravens, ducks, and open sky. So, I was surprised to run into 3 people today. First, I was down at the edge of one of the water courses (from the back side) where it is covered with palms. You can walk through them down to the pond and see ducks and cattle egrets. Suddenly, I heard a crashing and out from the palms came a little old woman! We said our introductions and she told me she's been walking along the path for years. I believed her...she was in really good shape! She was collecting golf balls. I have no idea what she does with them...As I turned back to return to my car, I spied several jackrabbits the size of German Shepherds (or so it seemed). I mean, they were HUGE! Then, I heard the sound of voices and a little old couple approaching with their Schnauzer. She had headphones and I could hear classical music! They sure were a cute couple. They told me they'd seen some coyotes further down. Now, remember, this is a golf course in the MIDDLE of town...but it is close to the freeway and then open desert. I saw a coyote myself on Saturday. I flushed it out near the pond, where apparently it was observing the ducks! And, I've heard a pack of them several times. I'm glad I met some fellow walkers and I hope to see them again! I walked for an hour on Saturday and 45 minutes on Sunday. Next week, I'll be back to my 20 minute walk before school.


KT said...

As for the golf balls...my husband had collected a bucket and they sat in our garage for many years.

At our last garage sale, they found a new home for a very decent amount of money! :)

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Your Jackrabbits look bigger and fatter that what I see in 29 Palms. Guess the abundant water and grass make a difference!