Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Doors~Sunday Stills Challenge~May 8,, 2011

This was indeed a challenge this week! First, many of the homes here in the desert have gates and fences around them, so I couldn't even see the doors. So, I took photos of them, too, and have included them. Second, most of the homes here in the desert were built or renovated recently, when home prices were at their peak. Finally, some of these homes were also flooded in the 1979 desert monsoon floods in that summer and thus they reflect the home decor of that era (like ours). Anyway, I drove around several neighborhoods this morning (early), taking photos of doors or entrance gates. I was concerned that neighbors might call the sheriff. I mean, here I was, driving slowly through neighborhoods taking photos...what weird person would do that, unless they had some kind of criminal agenda? Right? I did see a sheriff's car parked down one street, so I avoided that street altogether! I would love to drive over to Beaumont or Banning, which are older towns, but I don't think I'll have time today. So, here are the doors from my desert neighborhoods. Sunday Stills Challenge for May 8, 2011. And, Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms and moms who have pets! Oops! I'm sorry that some of the photos are tilted. I was in my car taking these pics and I have a tendency to tilt my camera. So, no, you aren't dizzy! It was my fault...I REALLY need to use my tripod!


Crystal said...

Wow those are really cool, I like all the different colors.

Lee said...

Well done! Enjoyed seeing the variety. All are beautiful in their unique way.

Gaelyn said...

You are a very ambitious blogger to go out specifically for doors and you scored on many nice ones.

MTWaggin said...

Yeah, let's see if Ed can get any of us arrested by summer's end! haha I really like the blue doors in the second photo but they all are feally nice and such a variety.